Top 3 Creative Ways to Transform Dried Flowers and Herbs

Top 3 Creative Ways to Transform Dried Flowers and Herbs

The gorgeous colours of dried flower petals are lovely to hand for herbal tea, beauty recipes, DIYs, and crafts. Many people still get confused about how to use dry flowers in their daily lives. Let's talk about how flowers changes our lifestyle in less of time with a low budget.


If you've never tried blending your own herbal teas, you'll be surprised how simple it is to brew a delicious blend of herbs tailored exactly to what you want. You'll also save some money on your healthy tea habit! You can also easily forage ingredients like blue pea, chamomile, jasmine, hibiscus sabdariffa, lavender, and others for completely free (and waste-free) nutritious herbal tea.


If baths aren't your thing, shower steamers are the bath bomb made for shower lovers. If you haven't tried it before, a shower steamer enhances your shower by filling it slowly with wonderful aromatherapy scents.


During the summer, we put our skin through a lot. We expose it to the sun's rays. We spend days at the beach swimming in salt water which is drying on skin, and we generally spend a lot more time playing outdoors, which is wonderful but can lead to more scrapes, bruises, and minor cuts than usual. Flower-infused lotion bars heal and moisturise skin without the heaviness.

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