About Us

IKON AROMATICS & HERBS manufactures Trade and Exports the wide range of Dry Flowers & Herbs. We are a group of farmers from India. We are cultivating many Aromatic and Medicinal Herbs Crops in the 700-800 Acre Area in Two States of India.

WHAT WE DO:- The goal of the IKON AROMATICS & HERBS is a min-profit organization founded in 2006, is to advance the Natural, Aromatic & Herbal raw supplement through our farmer's agricultural land. We all are connected to the earth, and we want to steer this pattern with humans & nature because nature has given us many precious gifts of which this is also one. Nature produces such things to feed our farmers, which we use and incorporate into our lifestyle and sustain life. Keeping this in mind, IKON AROMATIC connected with the farmers and in taking forward this effort of the farmers and their efforts to globally, IKON INTERNATIONAL is trying its best to complete this campaign with the farmers. And at the same time gave full cooperation in furthering the own farming taken up by IKON AROMATIC & HERBS.

We constantly upgrade and improve ourseleves to connect with the new market and opportunites.